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Did you ever wonder why Hondurans or Hondureños
are called catrachos?

soldier of fortune
"There once was a crazy American doctor and soldier of fortune by the name of William Walker who had visions of conquering Central America. He rounded up a band of so-called 'free booters' (aka, pirates) and sailed from San Francisco to begin his conquest. Along with a couple of hundred locals who had grievances against the Nicaraguan government of the time, he did succeed in making himself president (of Nicaragua) for a couple of years. During this time it became clear that he did not intend to stop with Nicaragua and, in fact, coveted all of Central America even going so far as to reintroduce slavery to the region. Honduras decided they wanted none of this and sent some 600 troops under the command of two generals who were brothers, Florencio and Pedro Xatruch. The Nicaraguan people began calling these troops the “xatuchos” as in, “Here come the xatruchos!"

"Since the Spanish pronunciation for the letter x sounds something like a hard c (or ks in English) the word began to be pronounced as 'catruchos' and eventually catrachos. Since these troops won the battle to oust Walker and his band of brigands and eventually executed him, the nickname has been carried on in honor of these brave men who saved not only their own country and Nicaragua but probably all of Central America. Today the term serves as a kind of brotherhood bond for Honduran men and bespeaks of the solidarity of the people of Honduras as they work together to feed their families and form a better, more prosperous Honduras."

Perhaps fittingly, the word has also came to mean colloquially the fried corn tortilla on which refried beans and shredded cheese are placed.

"It is also the name of the Honduran Soccer Team."

Article by: Greg Mauphin
The Sandy Bay Reef Observer

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I'd take off all my clothes
& cross the damp cold lawn & down the bluff

into the terrible water & walk forever
under it out toward the island


(Quote for this page)
“Between the inner and outer beaches,
a strand of woods thrived: palms, palmettos, mahogany, figs, and calabash.
Coconut palms and fig trees dropped enough fruit to feed the wildlife that swooped by in droves.
It was so easy to catch a fish with your bare hands,
Tristan and I had made a game of it during our weeks of lovemaking on the warm, supple sand.
It truly was paradise.”
A. Violet End, The Billionaire Who Atoned to Me