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Waves of Art Gift Shop is located in West End Village on Roatan Island in Honduras
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Conservation and wise resource managment or the Bay Islands.
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Carambola Botanical Gardens where we showcase nature at its finest
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Roatan island style website featuring articles and stories of adventures, yarns and photography, this is how we invite you to experience the island. Roatan readers grasp a sense of what it means to escape to pristine beaches, coral reefs and participate in the islands culture.

Let Me Tell You A Roatan Story

Perhaps A Roatan Yarn

Back in the Day
The band would get on a boat and ride to Oak Ridge. They would start playing and the folks on the shore would hear them coming and gather for a party.

Bananarama Gang
Having gotten through perhaps the busiest months at Bananarama Dive Center, many divers have asked us, Do you live and work here all year round? The answer is

Did you ever wonder why Hondurans or Hondureños are called catrachos?

Charity Tourism
We asked them if they would write a little bit about how they got started Giving Back to the people of Roatan and what their Roatan Adventure was like..

Cruise Ships Cruise Shippers
Roatan Cruise shippers are sure to enjoy the safe, secure and simple pleasures of Roatan Island, a part of the Bay Islands in the Bay of Honduras.

Diving Adventure
Okay, so Monday afternoon we loaded up the Pelican and headed out for a dive at Canyonlands, a Roatan scuba site we love east of Sandy Bay out past the Odyssey (a wreck located just about in front of the Sunshine Cafe) with Captain Dan.

Diving Roatan
Divers are coming from all over the world to experience this rustic, unspoiled, breath taking coral reef island. The island is situated along The Great Western Barrier Reef off the coast of Honduras.

Father of Tourism
Bill Brady arrived on Roatan as a Peace Corps Volunteer in February of 1971. Following is his story of Paul Adams The Father of Tourism in the Bay Islands

Fishing Tournament 9th Annual Roatan
"The Big One" that didn't get away!
  It has been 3 hours.
  Fish on board after 4+hours.
  Heading back for the weigh-in.
  How to remove a fish from a boat.
  Captain overboard
  "Hold him Gary...he's leaving.
  The weigh-in 700+ lb Blue Marlin

Fishing Tournament 2011
Roatan Fishing Tournament 2011 Supplies Boat and Tackel Store West End near Rudys.

Gramma's Big Adventure
In 2010 Gramma Pam turned 60. To celebrate this special birthday I went on a trip to Roatan, Honduras, by myself, where I experienced the most amazing things.

Golf - Rotary Club
Good fun was had by all, and there is surely something to be said about the camaraderie that can develop among team members while bashing that little white ball around.

Historical Perspective
Over the years many Roatan visitors have enjoyed Carambola Botanical Gardens. How did the Gardens come to exist?"

Legendary Roatan
Vacationing in Roatan article and photos. Islands Honduras.

Last Minute Vacations Not A Coup
Roatan Vacationers never missed a beat during our "Its not a coup July"! Families and large youth groups flooded the Island to serve local charities and needs throughout the Island

More Miracles Coming illuminated my email titles one morning before the New Year. What was the miracle?

Pirates Fishing
Roatan Pirates Bend Fishing Trip by: Jerimiah Johnson

Saving Birds MaCaw Mountain
“Flocks of five to 15 macaws now fly noisily overhead as tourists move about the ruins,”

Traveling Copan
Once you arrive in La Ceiba and disembark at the ferry terminal, you can grab a taxi to the bus terminal for about L 30 ($1.60) per person.

Real beach weddings start with powdery soft white sand under your feet, the sparkle of the sun setting on the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, palm trees swaying and the anticipation of the romantic moment.


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“Between the inner and outer beaches,
a strand of woods thrived: palms, palmettos, mahogany, figs, and calabash.
Coconut palms and fig trees dropped enough fruit to feed the wildlife that swooped by in droves.
It was so easy to catch a fish with your bare hands,
Tristan and I had made a game of it during our weeks of lovemaking on the warm, supple sand.
It truly was paradise.”
A. Violet End, The Billionaire Who Atoned to Me
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